Independent rail capacity allocation and charging organization – VPE Ltd., the Rail Capacity Allocation Office

VPE Ltd., the Rail Capacity Allocation Office was established in 2004 by virtue of Act XCV of 1993 on Railways. VPE Ltd. is independent from Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers, and is owned exclusively by the Hungarian state. According to Section 67/U. § (2) of the Hungarian Railway Act and Article 144 of Decree 94/2018. (V. 22.) on the duties and powers of the members of the Government the owner’s rights are exercised by the minister without portfolio in charge of National Assets.

According to Section 67/P. § (3) of the Hungarian Railway Act, VPE is responsible for:

  • allocating railway capacity for open access network
  • developing and publishing the Network Statement of Infrastructure Managers
  • determining network access charges and also collecting of charges, which is not meant to be a taxable activity
  • developing and publishing the Performance Regime.

The revenue of VPE Ltd. derives from network access charges, which is solely used to cover the operational costs.

The organisation of VPE Ltd. consists of the departments under the supervision of the company's Managing Director and their respective employees.

The organisational division of VPE Ltd. is based on the activities assigned to the company's competence by the effective Railway Act.